Submissions and guidelines

How do I submit?

(Submissions open from 2nd of September to 2nd of October)

Have you got a new, exciting piece of work that you are dying to share with the world? Or maybe you’ve got something older tucked away that you want to reintroduce to the world? Well why don’t you try your luck with Full House Literary Magazine.

Full House Literary Magazine is new (and for now online) publication that is searching for unique pieces that are just screaming out to be shared with the world. These pieces can be fun, experimental, and engaging, and we welcome any type of writer or artist! We accept poetry, prose, script, art, and photos.

-You may submit up to two different pieces.
-They should be submitted on the same document, but clearly titled and on separate pages to prevent confusion.
-We will not accept any material that could be considered offensive or deemed hate-speech.
-Please submit any written work in .docx format, with your name as the title for the document.
-Please make your work in a size 12/times new roman (or equivalent) font. If you are submitting work that needs to play around with size and font, you do not have to adhere to this specific guideline in that case!
-We accept collaborative pieces
-We accept work that has been previously published (as long as you have permission to republish it and we can give appropriate credit to the original place of publication)

-Poetry: Up to 30 lines per poem (not including spaces//line breaks)
-Prose: Up to 750 words per piece.
-Script: Up to 1.5 pages.

-Please submit in the highest resolution possible in a .png, JPEG or TIFF format.

Now you understand the rules, let’s get your submission sorted so you can play the game…

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